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Asset Management, Pre-Opening Planning, Hotel Operations Management, Hotel Business Development,
Sales & Marketing, Menu Planning, Concept Development, Revenue Management


Viaan Heritage is a hotel management company in India founded in 2021 to provide best-in-class management and advisories to individuals, branded and New hotels, resorts, and restaurants. Currently we are managing four hotels across India.

Whether you are building a new hotel property or rebranding an existing hotel, our Hotel Management team is here to assist with everything related to the physical aspects of your property. For the operational running of your business, our Hotel Management experts are on-hand to work with your team on-site and develop different areas of your business such as HR, Marketing, Sales and Revenue.

Viaan Heritage, Hotel consultant, Hotel Management, sales and marketing, flawbe


A hotel is more than a place to sleep or food to eat it is the creation of deeply immersive experiences touching all of the senses. The alchemy making up your favorite hot spot or hideaway hotel comes from thousands of expertly informed decisions.

We incepted with a vision to provide unsurpassed management advisory to stand-alone; it combines market awareness, on-trend programming, guest experience, and world-class design. The result is unforgettable live theatre, with a new audience every night, and if you have an upcoming project, let’s talk. Complete this simple form, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Core Team

Our team works directly with the hotel ownership and management team, identifies critical areas for improvement, and suggests a road map for the future that draws on the teamwork of the hotel, achieves operating competence, reduce unnecessary costs, and aligns the hotel services for produce enhanced profitability to the ownership.

By working together and applying the correct strategies, we will take your hotel to the highest level. Whether you are in need of short term or long term hospitality management services,

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Viaan Heritage, Hotel consultant, Hotel Management, sales and marketing, flawbe


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Viaan Heritage, Hotel consultant, Hotel Management, sales and marketing, flawbe


The hospitality industry is comprehensive and requires extensive planning to generate positive ROI. Viaan Heritage prides itself in offering a complete range of hands-on hospitality Management services, covering the intact hotel investment cycle.

Focusing on maximizing the value of your hospitality asset, we offer the following core services to independent hotel owners and investors:

Asset Management

Hotel Operations Management

Hotel Business Development

Pre-Opening Planning

Sales & Marketing

Menu Planning

Concept Development

Revenue Management

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